A collection of Among Us amigurumi in different colors.

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Crochet up your own Crewmates and Impostors

Without a doubt, crocheting is one of the classic crafts, but it’s also great for evoking or celebrating the most modern of themes. Accordingly, here are some Among Us amigurumi to make as fun toys for your own home gamers. As is the case with cartoons, gamers get pretty passionate about the characters from their games. Therefore, why not give them toys that let them play with the characters when they’re offline? Additionally, these amis will be fantastic as birthday party loot bag stuffers.

Among Us Amigurumi

So, what Among Us amigurumi could be complete without a group of Crewmates wondering what happened? None, and thus here they are, all three over the remains of a fourth. Who is the impostor?

Among Us Ami

The full article about this pattern is here:

Among Us Free Crochet Pattern

Since we don know who the impostor is among us, why not crochet a whole group? This way, the Impostor Among Us amigurumi will not outnumber the Crewmates. Also, I’m certain that if you want to get your kids crocheting, this project will be a sure hit.

among us amigumi

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Among Us Amigurumi

more detail about projects photographed here and here.

Among Us Amigurumi

Lastly, here is a small group of Among Us umigurumi that show the customizability of the figurines. As is the case in the game, the characters can be modded in accordance with the tastes of the recipient.

Among Us Amigurumi

The full article about this pattern is here:


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