Amigurumi penguins wearing ice cream hats.

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These flightless birds are a perennial favorite.

Penguins are a great theme for crocheting. Indubitably, because of their color pattern, they can be as cute, or as elegant as you care to make them. Therefore make them, any which way you want. Whether it’s Happy Feet or Sarge and Kowalski, there is a penguin for every occasion and for every taste. Consequently, these amigurumi penguins will be great companions for your child on their way back to school, or a super addition to a loot bag or present. There is no limit to the uses, nor to possibility of customization.

Amigurumi Penguin Cell Phone Strap

This ami penguin is a companion for your cell phone. Moreover, these cute little guys can be made to match any cell phone case, so they’ll make a great little token of endearment.

Designer: Pierrot

Ami Penguin Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Amigurumi Penguin Cell Phone Strap

More info about this projects here and here.

Ami Penguin
This ami penguin is larger, and thus will be a wonderful toy to give to a child, both singly and as a matching pair. Without a doubt, they will be loved dearly.

 Designer: Esther Vogelaar

Ami Pinguin

The full article about this pattern is here:

Ami Pinguin

Penguin Cute
A detailed instruction will allow you to make this cute penguin in no time. Hand size make him perfect not only as a small toy, but it will be a briliant Christmas tree ornament as well.

 Designer: Lim lenn

Small Amigurumi Penguin

The full article about this pattern on Ravelry:

Penguin in a Beanie

This amigurumi penguin in a beanie hat is perfect as a toy gift or Christmas Decor. If you would like to use this pattern as a Christmas Tree decor, I guess it needs scaling to a smaller size, because the true-to-pattern version measures 7.5″ (19 cm).

 Designer:  Flo & Dot


The full article about this pattern is here:

Pinguin in a Beanie

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