Amigurumi Otters – Free Crochet Patterns

Golden rule: do onto otters as you would have them do onto you.

Without a doubt, otters are some of the cutest, most adorable creatures in nature. Therefore it’s only natural that we should translate their appearance, behavior and utter sweetness into crochet. Thus here are some amigurumi otter patterns to build your cuddly softie portfolio. Overall, these are very easy patterns made of simple shapes and decorated as you please. So, not only are they simple and quick, they are also highly customizable and therefore very personal and heartfelt.

Amigurumi Otter Family

To begin with, here is a family of adorable, playful otters. Of course you can give these guys a home, and they will bring you and your kids so much joy!

Skills: easy      Designer:  Spin a Yarn Crochet

Amigurumi Otter Family

The full article about this pattern:

Amigurumi Otter Family


Gilbert the Otter 

On the other hand, Gilbert the amigurumi otter is just about to munch down on a delicious fish. Consequently, he’ll be a perfect dinner-time companion for your little one who refuses to eat.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Elisa’s Crochet

Gilbert the Otter Free Crochet Pattern

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