Valentine's Day

Amigurumi Kitten Free Crochet Patterns


So, in the theme of cuteness, there is cute and cuter. Of course, there is also cutest and and by far the cutest is an amigurumi kitten. Although you may not believe me, I will prove this to you with the selection of patterns below. Indeed, kittens are perennial amigurumi favorites that will always be welcome in any nursery, room or home. Moreover, since we also want to popularize these as much as possible, they are beginner-friendly but also highly customizable to match any taste or ability. Finally, they’d also make a great present for all of you kitty-cat fans everywhere.

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Valentine’s Kitten

Our fist amigurumi kitten is a Valentine’s-themed project that’s so totally adorable I could scream. In particular, the heart-like head is awesome and so apropos.

Designer:  Anna Khramova

Valentine's Kitten

The original pattern and the photos are available on Cutiemestore  at Instagram:

Valentine’s Kitten

To see the pattern, you have to scroll photos on Instagram.


Valentine Kitten

Next, this valentines amigurumi kitten is a adorable chubby feline a bit in the style of Pusheen. After all, who doesn’t like a rotund, contented little furball?

Designer:  MarizzaToys Crochet Patterns

Valentine Kitten

The original pattern and the photos are available on MarizzaToys Crochet Patterns page on Instagram:

Valentine Kitten


Valentine’s Day Cat

Finally, here is the “heartiest” amigurumi kitten. Indeed, this is a heart turned feline, not some heart-like “catosity”. Overall, this one will be perfect for decorating a Valentine’s gift.

Designer:   Amigurmi Today

Valentine's Day Cat

The original pattern and the photos are available on Amigurumi Today blog:

Amigurumi Today


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