Two colorful amigurumi dragons.

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Bunny season is done. Here be dragons!

While bunnies are cute, some mythical creatures are a fun subject for crocheting as well. Thus, we present amigurumi dragons in all shapes and guises. Indeed, there is a fiery serpent for every dragon fan out there. Moreover, because your own dragon is such a personal thing, each of these projects ins infinitely variable and customizable. Of course, since these are mythical creatures, the only limit is your imagination. And, since we are crocheters, our imaginations range far and wide. Moreover, these are also simple projects, so that you can safely undertake them if you are a beginner.

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T-rex Amigurumi

First, this amigurumi dragon is not actually a dragon, but hear it roar! Indeed, this one will be your foray into the world of Jurassic firebreathers 😀

T-rex AmigurumiThe original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry :

T-rex Amigurumi

More info about project photographed here.

Small But Mighty Dragon

Next, we have this more dragon-like amigurumi dragon. In particular, I love the eyes. Indeed, these are super cute and super fun dragon hatchlings.

Small But Mighty DragonThe original pattern and the photos are available on Amigurumi To Go:

Small But Mighty Dragon

More details also here.

Orbit the Dragon

However, if cuteness is your aim, this amigurumi dragon has a huge, nay, DRACONIAN level of it. Indeed, it’s so absolutely adorable, it’ll just melt your heart away with its puppy eyes and ingratiating pose.

Orit the DragonThe original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry :

Orbit the Dragon

more info about project photographed here.

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