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Camping, Campfire and Marshmallow Free Crochet Patterns

Campfires are undeniably great! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit by a lake and roast marshmallows?

These toasted marshmallows and amigurumi campfire free patterns and will be the perfect thing for your child’s imagination and playtime. Furthermore,  they are just the thing for pyjama parties with a camp-like atmosphere. Moreover, they will also function well as decor or gifts. Lastly, they are easy to make, and consequently work up very quickly because of their simple shape and regular features. Thus, put a smile on a little face with these crocheted camping ideas.

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Campfire The Mini Marshmallow Amigurumi

This happy little marshmallow will be a great companion for “campfire” outings around the house. Conversely, it would also be a great piece of decoration for a campfire diorama. Without a doubt, it will be a fun, simple distraction from more serious pursuits.

Designer: The Perfect Knot – Michelle Quistorff

Marshmallow Amigurumi

The full article about this pattern is here:

Campfire The Mini Marshmallow Amigurumi


Roasting Marshmallow Free Crochet Pattern

Here is something a little more involved: a small amigurumi campfire with marshmallows. Specifically, the fuzzy, pulled yarn flames. Indeed, this one will be a great centrepiece for a camp-themed slumber party.

Designer:  Sharon Ojala

roasting Marshmallow

The full article about this pattern is here:


Roasting Marshmallow


Camping Applique Free Crochet Pattern

You can’t miss this funny pattern – camping applique. With this pattern, you will get a camp, trees and campfire appliques which you can use together or separately to make your project more attractive for young explorers.

Designer:  GoldenLucyCrafts

Campling Applique

The full article about this pattern is here:

Camping Appplique


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