Amigurumi bee pattern.

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These little honey makers are so cute!

While we have looked at some honeycomb-themed patterns recently, let’s now focus on the bees themselves. Therefore, here is a small collection of amigurumi bee projects to help you get buzzing. Moreover, first and foremost these projects will be a great way to get the kiddies into a great mood. After all, who wouldn’t want a fun, jaunty softie to hug and play with. Even better, these toys will raise awareness of the importance of bees, and will encourage the little ones to find out more about our little helpers. I am quite certain that these ami toys will be treasured and educational playthings.

Amigurumi Bee

To begin with, here is a sweet, tall bumble bee! On the one hand, this will be a favorite toy, on the other it’s an easy pattern worked in the round in a single piece. Whether you are new to amigurumi or have grown a passion for making stuffed animals, this pattern is for you.

Amigurumi Bee

Go to the free pattern: Amigurumi Bee

Jumbo the Bee

OK. Let’s not stand on ceremony, bigger is better. However, you have to truly appreciate how massive this amigurumi bee isn as it is ginormous! Overall, it’s 13 by 10 inches and is nevertheless easy to make using only single crochet.

Jumbo the Bee

Go to the free pattern: Jumbo the Bee

Reversible Bee

With this pattern you will make 2 bees in 1. By turning it inside out, you will get both a happy and sad face amigurumi.

reversible bee scaledGo to the free pattern: Reversible Bee

Bee Shofi

Nxt, this amigurumi bee is a smaller, cutie that stands about 6″ with her antennae. Indeed, this will be a great project if you want to use less yarn, or have some left over from the previous jumbo one.

Bee Shofi

Go to the free pattern: Bee Shofi

Bumblebee Amigurumi

Finally, this chubby amigurumi bee is great, because you can use just about any yarn. Just make sure you match the hook to the yarn and use one that’s asm small as possible so that the stitching is very clean and tight.

Bumblebee Amigurumi

Go to the free pattern: Bumblebee Amigurumi

Pocket Bee

A handy pocket bee will be a perfect idea for a keychain or a small toy to decorate your hand bag or backpack. Their size will also be perfect to decorate a bigger thematic project like a blanket, curtain or spring wreath.

Pocket Bee

Go to the free pattern: Pocket Bee

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