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Ami Easter Egg Free Crochet Patterns

Having a hard time deciding whether to make bunnies or eggs for Easter gifts?  Never mind, your troubles are over. These adorable “eggnimals” solve this dilemma by combining both! Every kid, regardless of age – be they 3 or 83 – will love this adorable and amusing gift. They will be the centerpoint of any Easter decoration, and an absolute hoot during the easter egg hunt.

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Easter Egg-Shaped Ami Cat Free Pattern

This amigirumi cat egg is an absolute little gem. The egg shape is an easy base to attach cat-themed accessories (tail, whiskers, ears and eyes). Serve up a carton of these for the kids to enjoy and you will be the ultimate Easter Bunny. Of course, there is no limit as to the colors, but these lighter, joyful pastel hues are perfect for the springtime. Please consider crocheted eyes for the safety of the very youngest egg hunters. A link to the free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Mari-Liis Lille

Egg-Shaped Cat

Go to the pattern:

Egg-Shaped Cat


Easter Bunny Egg and Flower Cozy Free Pattern

And what would Easter be without the Easter bunny? Missing an important component, that’s what. So, here is a pattern further resolving your egg vs. bunny dilemma. When all the bunny eggs are made, you can then go to town with baskets and flowers… or serve them up in an egg carton, decorated or otherwise. Regardless of the acoutrements, each egg will look splendid on the Easter table. Warning! These bunnies are so adorable and addictive you won’t be able to stop after just one!


Skills: Easy       Designer: Amigrumumi Today

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Go to the pattern:

Easter Bunny Egg and Flower Cozy

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