Crochet afghan pattern in peacock hues.

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Peacocks are some of the most colorful birds

In fact, I can’t think of any non-tropical birds that are as colorful as they are. Therefore, this makes them the perfect subject or inspiration for various crocheted projects. Indeed, an afghan in peacock hues has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning color combinations, just like its namesake. Moreover, because all peacocks are different, each one of these creations will be a masterpiece worthy of a prominent part in your home. Better still, they are also for the most part quite easy, so if you are a beginner looking for her first “big” project, you should stop by.

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Peacock Feather Mandala

To begin with, here is an absolutely stunning afghan in peacock hues. While it’s not exactly an afghan, it can certainly serve as one. What’s more, you can also keep building the rings to make a larger and larger project.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Tally’s Crafts

Peacock Feather Mandala

The full article about this pattern is on Ravelry:

Peacock Feather Mandala

Peacock Plumes Afghan

Next, here is an afghan in peacock hues that takes the base blues and greens and builds on them with yellow and purple. In a word, it’s splendid.

Skills: Easy    Designer:Melinda Miller

Peacock Plumes Afghan

The original pattern is available at MoCrochetMakes:

Peacock Plumes Afghan

Purpling Peacock Mandala

However, if an afghan in peacock hues is to be the background for your project, these purples are sure to take center stage. In particular, I love the transitions between the various shades of purple with the lime green inserts.

Skills:  Easy           Designer: Helen Shrimpton

Purpling Peacock Mandala

The full article about this pattern is available here:

 Purpling Peacock Mandala (Mandala Madness)

More info about project also on Ravelry.

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    Very complimentary colors. Beautifully 😍 blended colors.

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