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Adorable Winter Hat, Free Crochet Patterns

Adorable Winter Hat, Free Crochet Patterns

If the plural of goos is geese, why isn’t meese the plural of moose? At any rate, here are some absolutely, huggably adorable moose hats that you can make for your kids and let them be their own herd of forest animals with majestic antlers… and a somewhat surprised expression. These hats are really easy to make, they are simple under the chin beanies with ear flaps, and the rest of the accessories are just stitched on. These hats are great, because you can make them for very old kids as well… like for their 45th birthday or so.
Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Moose Hat Free Crochet Pattern

SkillsEasy           Designer Sarah Zimmerman

Moose Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern: Moose Hat


Marshall from Paw Patrol Hat and Mittens Set

For younger kids who are fans of Paw Patrol (and at a certain age, they mostly all are) here is a lovely Marshall hat and accompanying mittens that will have your little one tumbling and traipsing around the house in no time. This is an easy pattern that will bring lots of joy to your little one’s heart.

SkillsEasy           Designer Traverse Bay Crochet

Simple ear-flap hats are not only useful during winter colds, but also easily customizable! Add cute circular ears and a little applique to transform it into cute bear.

Go to the pattern:  Marshall Hat


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