A Perfect Cat Bed and Nest, Crochet Patterns

A Perfect Cat Bed and Nest, Crochet Patterns
A collage of pictures of crocheted cat beds in a cozy nest.

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We’ve helped our cats be frisky, now let’s help them relax.

So, when our fuzzy feline friends finally finish flitting with the toys we made for them, it’s time for them to do what cats do best: relax; in style. Here are some ideas for crocheted cat beds or nests that will be, dare I say it, the cat’s meow of kittendom. Moreover, since there’s no actual upper limit to the love and effort cat lovers will expend on their beloved pet, you will be happy to know that these aren’t difficult projects, so you can share lots of love with little effort.

Tabby Chic Cat Bed – Free Pattern

With the boom on renovation, it’s also a great time to give your kitty a new cozy palce to rest in. Thus, the Tabby Chic Cat Bed is a great choice, because it really is chic, but also easy and adjustable to fit your cat. The pattern uses a smart technique in which the “right side” is on the inside bottom of the basket, but is then switched to the outside walls. I’m sure your cat will love it!

SkillsEasy           Designer:  Rebecca Langford

Tabby Chic Cat Bed Free Crochet Pattern
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Tabby Chic Cat Bed

Cat Nest Free Crochet Pattern

Are you sure your cats are fully, entirely, absolutely comfortable? To be sure, have a look at this great and easy pattern for a cat bed /nest, and then answer the question. It will be a safe and cozy haven for your cat or two… The nest is fun for playing in as well.

Skills:  Easy  Designer: Hanne Katajamäki
Cat Nest
The full article about this pattern is here:

Crochet Nest

More info about photographed project also here.

Cat Tent Free Pattern

Now you can make a tent for your your frisky feline to chill out in.  Moreover, this project can also be an inspiration to make a small baby tent to play in. At the same time, this cat tent is an easy project. Undoubtedly, when equipped with a cushion it will definitely be a favorite place to hang up their claws. Lastly, with a bit of thought (and LOTS more yarn), this can be a great  teepee for your kids as well.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Lenskatala

cat tent

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  Cat Tent

Cat Basket Free Pattern

Housing for kitties is an area for creating masterpieces. Among the plethora of patterns available, the Cat Cocoon house is one such masterpiece. Above all, its innovative, organic shape and lovely earth tones with a fuzzy texture ensure your critters will adore it.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Hanneke van Dijk

Cat Basket Free Crochet Pattern

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Cat Basket

Cat Couch Paid Pattern

Let’s say that you haven’t found anything to satisfy your tastes, but you still want to get Sylvester off the couch. In that case, why don’t you make one of his own based on this paid pattern from Candy Clayton. Most assuredly, it will be the cat’s favorite TV spot.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Candy Clayton

cat couch

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cat Couch Pattern

More info about photographed project (green sofa) here.

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