Christmas Amigurumi

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Deck the halls with crochet beasties!

Get your fra-la-la’s all ready with these amazingly cute Christmas-themed amigurumi patterns. Indeed, you may think that it’s still two months and you have lots of time, but that’s just the point. Surely, it would be the best thing to do to start now and have all sorts of crocheted decorations and stocking stuffers ready by the time Ol’ Saint Nick puts soot on your carpet. To this end, here are some Christmas amigurumi patterns to accompany tree and wreath decorations.

Holiday Penguin

So, while there are many traditional Christmas amigurumi animals, why not go out on a bit of a limb? Indeed, here is a cute denizen of the south pole that wants to show off his Christmas spirit.

SkillsEasy     Designer:   Lion Brand Yarn
holiday penguin scaled

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Xmas Puppy

What kid wouldn’t want a puppy for Christmas? Although a real one may be too much, this ultra-cute Christmas amigurumi puppy dog is the next best thing. Your kids will love him and squeeze him, and maybe even call him George.

SkillsEasy     Designer: Aileen Van Der Berg

Xmas Amigurumi Puppy

The full article about this pattern is here:

Xmas Puppy For Suzette

Christmas Moose and Reindeer

For a little more traditional cheer, how about a reindeer? Without a doubt a cute reindeer with his winter sweater, scarf and warm pants will be an ideal holiday companion or a very attractive decoration. Moreover, this Christmas amigurumi is easy to make, thus it’s also great idea for a present.

SkillsEasy     DesignerJessie Rayot

moose and reindeer scaled

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Christmas Friend

Rudy the Reindeer

Rudy The Reindeer measures around 4.5 inches tall and this pattern only uses basic stitches.

SkillsEasy     Designer:  Serah Basnet

Rudy the Reindeer

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Rudy The Reindeer

Chester the Curious Christmas Cat

Who wouldn’t want to get a present in a Christmas Cat Stocking? I bet you wish you had Chester’s Stocking ready to receive a gift! Chester the Curious Christmas Cat Stocking is a great example of a functional AND decorative Christmas amigurumi. It’ll be will be a wonderful holiday decoration and you will hand out even more love to your family with a handmade gift.

SkillsEasy     Designer:   Maria’s Blue Crayon

chester the cat scaled

The full article about this pattern is here:

Chester the Curious Christmas Cat

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