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3 Quick Valentine’s Day Free Crochet Patterns

Quick, it’s almost Valenine’s

Whether you’ve forgotten or simply haven’t had the time to prep for the 14th, here are 3 quick Valentine’s projects to the rescue. So, the selection was thus. First, the pattern has to be attractive and fun. Secondly, it must be a great Valentine’s keepsake. Last, but not least, it must be easy and quick. After all, the whole point is to churn them out quickly and effectively. To this end, these 3 pattens meet these criteria in spades. Moreover, they’re simply fun and attractive of and in themselves and merit your attention.

Amigurumi Hearts

To begin with, here are some quick Valentine’s Day hearts, that are so scrumptious looking you might just want to put them in the candy bowl. Of course, you can also add them to another Valentine’s present.

Amigurumi Hearts

Go to the free pattern: Amigurumi Hearts

More info about project photographed here.


Heart Shaped Pot Holder

Indeed, the quick Valentine’s Day pattern doesn’t have to be a toy. Indeed, it can be something functional, like this heart pot holder.

Heart Shaped Pot Holder

Go to the free pattern: Heart Shaped Pot Holder


Sunburst Granny Hearts

Of course, the quick Valentine’s Day pattern can also be purely decorative. Therefore, these sunburst hearts are a great idea to decorate spaces and add to presents.

Go to the free pattern: Sunburst Granny Hearts

More info about project photographed on Ravelry.


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