Free snowman amigurumi patterns.

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Snowmen enjoy summer too, like Olaf!

Indeed, you will love today’s snowman amigurumi ideas! Moreover, they are cute and are a cool touch all year round, especially in the summer. ! Really you can ask? Without a doubt, an Ice Cream Snowman will be perfect as a gift for all seasons, for anyone who loves icecream (that means everyone, eh?). However, a melted snowman will be a great Christmas decoration but also a funny and playful addition to the dinner table on the hottest summer days! 🙂 Finally, our friendly snowmen will get that perfect look with the addition of the outfit you will dress them in.

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Ice Cream Snowman

To begin with, you will absolutely adore this snowman amigurumi. Overall, the appearance of an ice-cream that has some chocolate topping, a cherry and some sprinkles. Moreover, this is a versatile gift that can also be a baby rattle or decoration.

Ice Cream SNowman

The original pattern is available at Amigurumi Today:

Ice Cream Snowman

Melted Snowman

Next, this snowman amigurumi is just having a blast enjoying the summer. Thus, this Melted Snowman toy, will be a fun and ironic Christmas gift or a fun Christmas decoration.

Melted SnowmanThe original pattern is available at Golden Lucy Crafts:

Melted Snowman

Snowman Friends

Finally, this snowman amigurumi is actually two figurines measuring 5-6″. While they can be hanged on a Christmas tree, bthey can also be a children’s toy as well.Snowman Friends

The original pattern is available at Ravelry:

Snowman Friends

more info about project photographed here.

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