Winter Saffron Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

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This pattern has been inspired by the TV show Firefly in which one of the characters, Saffron, wore a shawl like this. The beauty of the results is evident below. In the colors used, it reminds one of a winter sky and  snowy weather. The pattern is very easy, a two-row repeat. The Winter Saffron triangle shawl measures 74″ across the shoulders and 31″ deep.

A link to the free pattern is below.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Cirsium Crochet

Winter Saffron Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

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Winter Saffron Shawl free crochet pattern is here. More info about this project here.

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  1. Shari L Clines says:

    This pattern is no longer available on Ravelry. Where can I find the pattern?

    1. Hi Shari, this pattern is still available on Ravelry.

  2. Susan Fuchs says:

    I tried to get this pattern, but the linked site states that it is discontinued. Very disappointed.

    1. SusaninPortugal says:

      It is still available! I did have problems downloading it for a couple of hours today – but then I tried again and voilà I now have printed off my copy! Good luck!

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