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Water Balloons Free Crochet Patterns

Water Baloons

It’s June and the weather’s getting hot. While keeping cool is a priority, keeping kids entertained is also vital, both for their sanity and yours. One fun way to combine both are water balloons.

After all, what can be more fun than throwing water-filled bags at someone in the heat. Thus, while it’s fun to throw, it’s also fun to catch and get splashed. However, real water balloons are a bit of a pain to fill, and, of course they are single use and necessitate a large cleanup. So, here are some water balloons free patterns that you can soak in a bucket and chuck at someone else repeatedly.

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Water Balloons Free Crochet Pattern

 These crocheted water balloons are great, because they soak up a limited quantity of water and make a satisfying “splat!” when they land, without inundating the surroundings. Moreover, when done in two colors, you could use them in a game of backyard water baloon war between two teams. Lastly, like I mentioned, these are multiple use projectiles that don’t require filling beyond a quick soak in a bucket.

Skills:  Intermediate        Designer: Megan Meyer

Water Balloons

The full article about this pattern is here:

Water Balloons

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Water Balloons in Stripes

These wonderful crocheted water balloons are made using the very bulky Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn. Therefore, they have a substantial water carrying capacity, but not so much as to flood your yard. In addition to all the wonderful properties of crocheted WBs, they are also quite beautiful in their own right, and a set like pictured would be a wonderful idea for a summer gift for taking to the cottage.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Kristi Bergin-Smith


Water Balloons

The full article about this pattern is here:

Water Balloons

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Fish Shaped Water Balloons Free Crochet Pattern

If you wish for your crocheted water balloons to be a little fancier, why not consider these fish-shaped ones. After all, for soaking your siblings, what could be better than a fish.

Skills:  Intermediate        Designer: Patricia Hamel

Fish Shaped Water Balloons

The full article about this pattern is here:

Fish Shaped Water Balloons

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