Warm crocheted blankets hanging on a ladder.

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As New Year has just started, its good to think about something totally new.

To this point, every baby should be welcomed with warm cheer and great spirits. However, some of them are lucky enough to be also welcomed with a cosy warm welcome baby blanket for their very own. So, why not make the new sprog in your life one of the lucky ones? Indeed, This is probably one of the most fun and memorable projects you can make. Moreover, there is just so much you can do in terms of these blankets to make them more fun and interesting. Therefore you have no reason not to try some of these, even if there’s no baby due in the family any time soon.

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Sparkle Sedge Blanket

The first of the warm welcome baby blanket ideas is a nice, cuddly and decently warm blankie with sparkles. Moreover, it also has some truly wonderful texture patterning, perfect for little fingers to play with.

sparkle sage blanket scaledThe original pattern and the photos are available on Daisy Farm Crafts blog:

Sparkle Sedge Blanket

Warm Cool Bean Stitch Blanket

However, if you prefer a smoother warm welcom ebaby blanket, this one is it. It’s a colorful blanket using the bean stitch and single crochet, yielding wonderfully variegated bands.

warm cool bean blanket scaled

The original pattern and the photos are available here:

Warm Cool Bean Stitch Blanket

Warm Welcome Baby Blanket

Next, this blanket is a modern twist on the traditional ripple afghan. Overall its lovely waves are soothing and reminiscent of the seaside.

warm welcome blanket scaledThe original pattern and the photos are available on  Make & Do Crew blog:

Warm Welcome Baby Blanket

Soft Textured Blanket

Of course, an elegant and richly textured warm welcome baby blanket is also possible. That said, it too is  soft and delicate as well as being a fun project to make.

soft textured blanket scaledThe original pattern and the photos are available on Crochet ‘n’ Create blog:

Soft Textured Blanket

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