Unicorn Mandala Free Pattern

Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet Pattern



It has to be your next project! Beautiful mandala with rich design and eye-catching colors will be a hit. As you can see on photos below, there are endless possibilities of color variations. Which one is your favourite? Link to a free pattern is below.

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Skills: Intermediate             Designer: Anna Nilsson

Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet PatternSponsored Links

Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

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Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

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Unicorn Mandala


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  1. Why can’t I get any of the free patterns? All the links keep running me around in circles. I love so many of the patterns but I am only getting aggravated not inspired or happy.

  2. The link at the end of the post STILL gives the run around and I too cannot get this beautiful pattern. I’ve clicked and reclicked on everything hoping. Very frustrated.

  3. I’m having exactly the same problem. Can someone please provide a more intelligent response than “the links are at the end of the post” please? What looks like a link either leads me in circles or to a zuilly download page which doesn’t seem right. Thanks

  4. The pattern link is at the very bottom of all the beautiful pictures. It’s in black lettering, just above where you can sign up for the newsletter. It takes you straight to the free pattern, which is wonderfully written, I must say!
    Thank you for sharing! And Happy Hooking!

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