Triangle of Fans Stitch Free Crochet Tutorial

Triangle of Fans Stitch Free Crochet Tutorial



Each of us is eager to see and learn something new. Here, you have a tutorial for the triangle of fans stitch, which you can use in your other projects like scarves or shawls. This light and airy stitch will make wonderful, lacy pieces that will go great on a cool summer evening, or as a wrap in front of the fire place. Of course, given the right color combination, this stitch can also be used to make an accessory shawl for a more elegant evening. Aside from that it’s simply fun to make and experiment with.

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Triangle of Fans Stitch Free Crochet Tutorial

photos: Crochet Nuts

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  1. The tutorial is excellent. I watched the entire thing, and I would really like to make this shawl, but I need written instructions. I tried working along with you, but I got behind early on, so I could not continue. And every time I stopped the video to catch up, it started over from the beginning when I resumed! I looked all over the page, clicked on many links (some accidentally), but cannot find the pattern. Is it available? If not, I will watch the video again and try to transcribe it, but that will have to be when I have time and the house is quiet.

    Thank you for the tutorial. It is a lovely shawl, and I have been looking for one to make.

    Also, what weight yarn and what hook size is used?

    1. Lynn, You can change the speed of the video under “Settings” and just click on the video (the picture) and it should pause; then click again on the video and it will start up again. HTH, M <.

    2. Lynn I put on the closed caption setting and copied down the wording as she did her video. I wrote the pattern in words that I would understand later when sitting down to make it.

  2. You lost me at the end when you said to repeat this row….you kept pointing to 2-3 different rows. I would have found more useful if you would have specified the row you were referring to.
    Can anyone tell me if we repeat row 6 or 10 or 9….which one did she mean at the end of the video?

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