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Summer Top Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

Let’s crochet summer with top ideas

Indeed, since warm weather is finally not too far off, it’s a good time to start crocheting summer wear. Thus, here are some top ideas that will be an absolute hit and a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Overall, each of these is a little gem, combining a fun shape, interesting textures and fabulous colors. Moreover, they are also quite simple. While perhaps not totally basic, they are nonetheless beginner friendly, particularly for adventurous beginners. Better still, because you can customize them so easily, they will accessorize anything you wear: at home, out on the town or at the beach.

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Summer Berry Top

First, no top ideas list would be complete without a tee. So, the berry top is a wonderful example of one with a loose neck line and a very airy texture and crisp, dense edges.

Summer Berry Top

The original pattern and the photos are available at Cashmere Dandellions:

Summer Berry Top



Next, the second of the top ideas we’d like to present is the Topcho project. This is a fun combination of a short-sleeved tee and a v-neck poncho. Moreover, this fun garment is also a great way to accessorize a Western-themed garment that’s nevertheless modern and fashionable.

Topcho Women Top Crocheted

The original pattern and the photos are available at Crochet Corner:



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