Amigurumi Mushroom

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Amigurumi crochet is a popular craft that involves creating cute and lovable stuffed animals, characters, and crochet mushrooms.

One of the most beloved characters is the amigurumi cat, which can be made with just a few basic crochet tools and techniques. A crochet hook is a must-have tool for amigurumi crochet, and the magic ring is a technique that allows you to create a tight and secure starting point for your projects.

Another fun project to try is the free crochet mushroom pattern. These mushrooms are a great addition to any amigurumi collection, and can be made using loops only or with the magic ring technique. If you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros, you’ll recognize the 1-up mushrooms, which are a popular design choice for amigurumi enthusiasts.

To create a sturdy and durable amigurumi project, it’s important to use the right yarn. Super bulky yarn is a great option for larger projects, while worsted weight yarn is a good choice for smaller items. The mushroom cap can be made using a variety of stitches, including double crochet, slip stitch, and single crochet.

If you’re new to amigurumi crochet, don’t worry! There are plenty of beginner-friendly patterns available online, including free amigurumi patterns and free sewing patterns. Some patterns even include affiliate links, which can help you find the right materials and tools for your project.

When working on your amigurumi project, it’s important to keep track of your loops on the hook and use a stitch marker to mark your rounds. This will help ensure that your project stays on track and looks its best.

Whether you’re making an amigurumi cat, a cute toadstool, or any other fun character, there are plenty of free crochet patterns and crochet patterns available to help you get started. So grab your crochet hook and some yarn, and get ready to create some adorable amigurumi!

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1. Mario Mushrooms Free Crochet Pattern

Super mushrooms from the Super Mario games are a cute character that give Mario his superpowers. Due to their acorn-like appearance, they are an easy topic to crochet because of the simple basic shape. Make one for your kids or make one for someone older, who has been a Mario fan for a long time. Both will appreciate these equally.
SkillsEasy        Designer Linda Potts
Mario Mushrooms
The full article about this pattern is here:

2. Toadstool Doll Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

If you would like to put a smile on someone’s face, this Mushroom Doll is a must. A great project for a happy summer decoration, both interior and outdoor. You can display it on the front porch or the driveway. You can also find her a new home next to your favorite park trail to brighten other walker’s day.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Amilove AnAn
Toadstool Amigurumi
Go to the video tutorial:


3. Toadstool Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This first ami is a highly realistic amigurumi toadstool with a lovely speckled, red cap and an absolutely amazing stem with the characteristic thickened ring. I especially like the touch of the surrounding grass and flowers as are so often found around toadstools. This is a very beautiful and fun ami project.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Åsa Steenistugan
Toadstool Amigurumi
The full article about this pattern is here:

Toadstool Amigurumi

More info about photo project

4. Chubby Kinoko Mushroom

So, here is a little cute mushroom amigurumi. Indeed, this adorable little fungus will be a welcome addition to any little kid’s playset.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Marta Ruso
Chubby Kinoko
The full article about this pattern is here:

5. Mix n’ Match Mushrooms – Video Tutorial

Alternatively, here is a wonderful set of various mushrooms. Although they’re playful, they are recognizable as life-inspired.
Skills:  Easy    Designer:  Skein Spider
Mix n' Match Mushrooms
The full article about this pattern is here:

6. Fairy House Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a lovely fantasy toadstool that’s a fairy residence, complete with windows, doors and a lovely purple cap. This is an ideal project to include in a fairy play set especially to play with in the grass under the trees in the backyard.
SkillsEasy        Designer Alia Bland
Fairy House Amigurumi
The full article about this pattern is here:

Fairy House

More info about photo project

7. Toadstool House

Here is another toadstool crochet pattern that’s also a house for a fairy or other magical creature. It’s a great decoration to put in the grass in the front yard and let neighbours’ kids’ imaginations run wild.
SkillsEasy        Designer Alia Bland

The full article about this pattern is here:

Fairy House more info also on Ravelry

8. Mashroom

And these mushrooms looks realistic and fresh just like they were collected from the forrest!
SkillsEasy        Designer Monika Hocaoğlu

The full article about this pattern is here:


more info also on mania_free_patterns Instagram

9. Cute Fly Agaric

This cute pattern is available for free only till November 1st, so don’t wait to download it before that day!
SkillsEasy        Designer Mumigurumi
Cute Fly Agaric
The full article about this pattern is here:

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