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Tiny Spider for Halloween Free Crochet Patterns

Put the Eeeek! in Halloween.

So, arachnophobe… much? Although they are a bit creepy crawly, spiders are certainly one of central themes of Halloween. Of course, you can (and probably should) put a fat, juicy Shelob in your front yard to frighten the unwary, but a tiny spider for Halloween will be the perfect addition to your thematic outfit, or a costume. Indeed, these tiny black widows (redbacks, to our Australian friends) are the perfect accompaniament to a witch outfit, or a black, lacy number worn to a Halloween party. Really, there is no limit on how risque and noire you can be when you wear them.

Spider Web Necklace

To begin with, this tiny spider for halloween resides on your neck in its very own spider web necklace. Overall, this snug almost choker is a super attractive, somewhat naughty but oh, so thematic must-have accessory. Additionally, the spider itself can be a pendant on a chain or earrings… or all three to make a complete set.

The full article about the pattern is available on

Spider Web Necklace

Black Widow Spider Pendant




Tiny Spider

Next, here is another tiny spider for Halloween. It sports super realistic legs and consequently will definitely make people look twice when they see one. Indeed, I can just imagine putting one amongst the apples in a tabletop basket, or on the bathroom vanity. Without a doubt, this would be a fun gag.

The full article about the pattern is available on Ravelry.

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