Charlie The Fat Cat Free Crochet Pattern

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Some crocheted animals are so adorable and fun to do, it doesn’t matter that they’re tiny. In fact, it’s better. It just turns the cuteness dial up to 11. These are fun little patterns that can be made with yarn scraps, worked up literally in minutes, and will be a super addition to any amigurumi collection or backpack in need of lunchtime companions.

Charlie The Fat Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Charlie is a tiny amigurumi pussycat with a chubby tummy, a lovely collar and whiskers to die for. This is a great little project that will match other cat-themed amis, or be a fabulous, quick standalone project to take a break from lager, more involved patterns. Kids will love him to bits. A link to a free pattern is under the photos.
Skills:  Easy     Designer: Maria Bittner

Charlie The Fat Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Charlie The Fat Cat

Pastel Pusheen Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Pusheen is a favorite among kids these days, with pillows, plushies, placemats and other things themed with this chubby little cat. These little pusheen amigurumis are just the thing for your child to keep ion their pack and endjoy their favorite cartoon critter.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Anitha Domacin

Amigurumi Black Cat / Gato Negro Halloween Free Crochet Pattern

The instructions are available both in Spanish and English, and will be a fun project to do with your kids, to get them ‘hooked’. Speaking of kids, if you want to make these for younger kids, consider using crocheted eyes for safety.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate   Designer: Mariska Vos-Bolman

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Go to the pattern:

Amigurumi Black Cat

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