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For all you fans of the cult BBC show “Call the Midwife”, here is a real beauty, a “reverse engineered” crochet baby blanket from the Christmas special of the show. This is an engaging project which will result in a midwife blanket that will be perfect for Sproggy: warm, but comfortable and won’t overheat the little bod. Moreover, this would make a perfect gift for the mother-to-be for use with her future little one. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Link to that pattern is below

Skills: Easy       Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby Solids & Marls

midwife blanket free crochet pattern rec
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  1. Hi, I have been trying to get free patterns from this site, but it just doesn’t work out for me. I hate working with a computer in the first place, but I am trying. I don’t know how to get the free patterns. I can’t afford to pay for any, but they say they are free. I already have an account but it still doesn’t work for me. I would appreciate any and all help.

    1. Link to The Midwife Blanket is at the end of the post. Click on the words ‘visit the free pattern site’.

      1. How do I get the midwife blanket free pattern

        1. Please skip to the sentence ‘go to the pattern’ followed by its name and click on it. (Optionally, it may said „the free crochet pattern is >here<").

  2. I will be trying this crochet pattern always was looking for this pattern cause do have another grandchild coming soon so going to give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing another wonderful pattern.

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