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The Michele Blanket and Suzette Stitch

So, here are two separate patterns, one for a blanket, the other for a stitch that is used to crochet it.   Does this mean that these projects are so hard you have to split them into multiple patterns? Nothing is further from the truth. Take a look.
The Michele Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The Michele blanket is a easy project with beautiful, broad swaths of color, here in modified earth tones that beautifully complement a pale interior. This blanket works up quickly and is a breeze to finish off. Make once, and enjoy forever. This is one of those patterns.

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SkillsEasy        Designer Christine Longe

The Michele Blanket

Go to the pattern: 

The Michele Blanket


How to Crochet the Suzette Stitch

The Suzette stitch is a very useful technique, not only for making the Michele blanket above, but also for other projects that require a densely crocheted item with a gentle texture.


Suzette Stitch Blanket Free Pattern

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Go to the this tutorial:

Suzette Stitch

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