Child Cardigans

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If you like a fancy look, your little girl will probably like it too.

Here are the best summer crochet child cardigan free patterns perfect for the end of the summer. Warm enough to protect the arms against an evening chill, but airy enough to feel comfortable in the warm as well. These kids cardigan patterns are easy, fun and the final effect will be fabulous. Additionally, if you would like to get your kids involved, why not do them in their favorite colors, and let them get in on the crocheting action? I bet dollars to donuts that this would be a hit in your home.

Kaleidoscope Cardigan

This is a stunning cardi. In fact, it’s essentially an adult cardigan in miniature. Your little woman will absolutely adore the cut and texture. I think that kids’ clothes can look good without needing to look specifically like children’s garments, and this one fits the bill ideally.

Designer: Jess Coppom

Kaleidoscope Cardigan

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Child Shawl Cardigan

This beautiful kids cardi is perfect for that rustic, hippy-trippy look. Additionally, the fringed edge really gives it that vintage vibe.

Designer: Ashlea Konecny

Child Shawl Cargidan

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Child Shawl Cardigan

Blue Sky Kids Cardi Free Crochet Pattern

This outstanding kids cardi is particularly easy to follow. It starts with a square which will create eye-catching pattern on the back when work is done. You can easily adjust size between 2 years old to 10 years old. You can follow a written pattern or you can choose a video tutorial. A link to the free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Easy     Designer: By Katerina

Blue Sky Cardi

The full article about this pattern is here:

Blue Sky Cardi

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