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The Best Crochet Kitty Free Patterns

Kittens are so unbelievably cute!

I bed you won’t disagree! Everyone loves these adorable little fuzzballs. Moreover, they’re also a great theme for crocheting, because you can make them out of simple shapes and customize them with different accessories. Lastly, if you want to bond with your kids, kittens would be the perfect topic to start crocheting with the little ones. The latter is especially true if your offspring are cat fans, like mine are. Also, you can use them as stuffers for gifts or party loot bags… really, there is no end to the variability. Find below the best crochet kitty free patterns.

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Dumpling Kitty Free Crochet Pattern

Here is the simplest of simple kittens. The whole cat is made of one, dumpling-shaped sack, with small accessories for limbs and a tail. That’s why it its the easiest and the best crochet kitty pattern ever. Furthermore, the ball of yarn is a crowning and oh-so-“crochety” touch.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Sarah Sloyer

The full article about this pattern is here:

Dumpling Kitty

Fat Cat Stuffies Free Crochet Pattern
The Fat Cat stuffie is one chunky kitty cat. This is a very easy pattern that makes a squeezable, lovable stuffie that’s highly customizable and very, very adorable. The cartoon-like nature of this patten means that you are not limited by any realism, so you can use any colors or mods you like, which is great for driving down your stash of yarn ends, so that you will have an excuse to get more. It’s a pattern for the cat lovin’ recipient and the crocheter alike.

Skills:  Easy        Designer: Yarnspirations

Fat Cat Crochet Pattern


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The full article about this pattern is here:

Fat Cat Stuffies


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