Teddy Bear Free Crochet Patterns

It’s been a while since we featured some teddy bears.

So, it’s definitely time to get some teddy bear ideas on the stove, so to speak. Although they may not be the most innovative idea, the sheer timeless beauty of them is motivation enough. After all, who of us has not played with one of these wonderful, cuddly creatures at some point of our lives? Indeed, we all have, and here are some variations to bring back some of that adorable magic back into the fold. Better still, with Christmas in the offing, a handmade, crocheted teddy will be THE perfect gift for a child, particularly one who is small enough to appreciate everything, or one old enough to appreciate true worth.

Mr Teddy Bear

To begin with, here is a teddy that’s simple to make from basic shapes, and then you put it together almost seamlessly. In fact, seams apply to only the final, decorative bits. Thus, you make the entirety of the bear itself as one whole. Moreover, this is a hefty toy, sure to be appreciated and cuddled.

Mr Teddy Bear

The full tutorial about the pattern is available on  Jen Hayes Creations.


Classic Crochet Teddy Bear

Next, this absolute classic will be a hit with anyone who wishes to relive some of their childhood nostalgia. In contrast to the previous one, this bear is made of separate parts, then stuffed and stitched. Overall, if there is one theme here, it’s the triumvirate of customize, accessorize and cuddle.

The full article about the pattern is available on Classic Teddy Bear.


Bear with Scarf

Lastly, how about a teddy bear that’s ready for a blustery fall wind? Indeed, with its colorful, warm scarf, this little amigurumi cutie can face whatever Mother Nature can throw at him and your child.

The full article about the pattern is available on

Bear with scarf

More info about project photographed here.


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