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She wants to be just like you, so I think you should help her.

What better and more fun way than to help your little, or not so little girl dress like Mom? There isn’t one, therefore here are some tank top for a girl ideas so your little princess can stay cool, and be cool, in the summer heat. These are fun, easy and above all versatile and variable projects that you can customize to any taste or mood she may throw at you. Moreover, who knows, you may even get her interested in your hobby, and that’s no bad thing in these overly connected times.

Aralia Tank Top For A Girl

The aralia tank top is a classic one with two thin straps and a low cut neck and arm holes. It’s perfect as a top over a tube top for a girl or a swimsuit. I particularly like the combination of blues and violets, they say “seaside vacation” to me.

Designer:  Crystal White-Van Cleemput

Aralia Tanktop

The full article about this pattern is here:

Aralia Tanktop

Little Girl Summer Top

Your little princess will stun everyone with her summer fashion. Comfy, yet light and airy, this summer tank top for a girl will surely be a hit. The pattern is very easy, and when worked in two colours gives a beautiful chevron finish, with optional fringes at the bottom.

Designer: By Katerina

Little Girl Summer Top

The full article about this pattern is here:

Little Girl Summer Top

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