Table Runner Free Crochet Patterns

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While many types of interior design are characterized by a sheer simplicity: modern, Scandinavian, and shaker styles to give few examples. However, this sometimes stark simplicity is beautifully offset by a single accent that brings it to life and but still highlights the overall cleanliness of the design. One way to achieve it is to place a table runner on the otherwise bare surface of a table.

Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern
The first pattern is a classic with broad bands of colors interspersed with narrower stripes of a base color. The color bands are further patterned with squares defined by voids, whereas the base stripes use a linear void arrangement. The overall effect is joyful and colorful, but still befitting of a simple interior.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Karin Åshammar/Virklust

Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern

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Table Runner

Feeling of Spring CAL Free Crochet Pattern

 The Feeling of Spring CAL is a classic Scandinavian table runner with a colorful motif and a frilly fringe to really brighten up your day and beautify your table with a touch of spring. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

Skills: Easy           Designer: In the yarn Garden

feeling of spring cal free crochet pattern

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Go to the pattern:

Go to the pattern: Feeling of Spring CAL Free Crochet Pattern

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