Surface crochet using a crochet hook, creating textured designs.

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Let’s decorate as many surfaces as we can

While it’s a truism that you should know as many different stitches as you can, some are just so useful! The surface stitch is one of those, because it’s a great way of topping off or finishing a piece that’s already made by slip-stitching additional yarn to make stripe or accent motifs.  You can also use this technique to go outside of the rows or rounds of a new or existing project and apply a surface motif or applique such as a monogram or image. Please find a links to two free tutorials how to crochet surface stitch below photos.

Surface crochet makes a difference

In this tutorial made by Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World you will learn how to make a perfect surface crochet on a round coaster. Simply by adding a simple round decor, you will get totally different elegant coasters and a coaster pattern is also included.

How to surface crochet

The full tutorial about this technique is here:

Surface Crochet

When you get the base made, any decorative shape will be possible. You just make a form form a paper sheet and away you go..

How to surface crochet

The full tutorial about this technique is here:

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