Two pictures of a crocheted afghan.

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 Summer stripes baby afghan free crochet pattern
This classic blanket is given a new twist by its interesting combination of colors and textures. Light and airy, it will work great to keep baby warm, but not overly hot. Of course, you can modify the colors as needed, but we feel the presented combination is especially attractive. This blanket can also serve as a decorative item, like a throw or a seat cover. This is a beautiful, very versatile project. Link to the free pattern is below.
Summer Stripes Baby Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern
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Summer Stripes Baby Afghan -Free Crochet Pattern is >>here<< after setting up the account at Lion Brand Yarn. More details about the yarn you can read on Ravelry.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook. Share your ideas and your work on our Facebook group!

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  1. Linda Yen says:

    I am almost done with this beautiful afgan. I am doing the pink, white and grey version, and want to do the border on it. Is it just a couple rows of the printed instructions? Can you let me know how to do this please?

  2. What colours and type of wool have you used in the pink , cream and grey blanket? It looks so pretty. I sawthe pattern on Raverley but it looks different. Please tell me if you o ly used a bit of the pattern and just repeat that bit.
    Thank you, I really want to make this

    1. I would love to make this blanket as well. I’d like to make it in the grey, pink, and white. How much should I buy of each color pls? Thanks

  3. Love the free patterns, thank you. Great website..

  4. The pattern is not what matches the pictures.Im dissapointed. Trying to figure it out and Ijust can’t

    1. When switching colors add a row of dc at the end of that round and start your new color with a row of dc first then continue on with the pattern like normal. Make sure you do this only when switching colors!

  5. Debbie Doebley says:

    I bought this pattern and it wasn’t anything like the 1 you show on Pinterest. I still used the pattern after I figured out how it was and just ended up doubling each color and making more stripes to make a descent size afghans afghan. it turned out nice at the end.

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