Summer Ripple Blanket

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Ripples are so reminiscent of all things summer, most of all the rippling on a sunny lake in a gentle breeze!

In order to bring a touch of this wonderful feeling into your home, here are some ripple-stitched blanket patterns that almost shimmer in the light. These are for the most part easy projects that will be a fun pastime as you’re making them, but will be super-enjoyable as finished accessories. Each one takes a unique approach to a rippled surface, however all of them evoke that summertime, “cottagey” feeling. Choose one you like, and subsequently modify and customize the colors to your own liking. Truly, make these summer ripples your own. Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

Zigzag Vintage Ripple-Stitched Blanket

Here is a zig-zagging ripple blanket, with colors inspired by a bouquet of roses. Thus, you get  the best of both summer, blossoms and ripples. Cant you just picture it sitting at the cottage, watching the shimmering lake, additionally surrounded by fragrant roses?

Designer:  Angela Maria

Zigzag Vintage Blanket

photo source: Feride

The full article about this pattern is here:

Vintage Rippling Blocks

The 6-Day Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Here is another ripple-stitched blanket. The 6-day baby blanket is a quick project that uses wavy stripes of alternating colors. In this way, it achieve a rolling, sea-like effect that’s gentle as well as soothing. The texture of this blanket is also not too pronounced, although it’s still enough for little fingers to explore.

Skills: beginner             Designer: Betty McKnit

6-day Kid Blanket

photo source: Instagram
The full article about this pattern is here:

The 6-Day Baby Blanket

Mystic Ripple Blanket

The mystic ripple blanket is different in that although it uses a chevron-based ripple, it’s done in monochrome. To that end, the pattern uses alternating solid and lacy bands that delineate the ripples. Which therefore makes it a very gentle and soothing pattern.

Designer: Alex DellAringa

Mystic Ripple Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mystic Ripple Blanket

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