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Star-Shaped Pillow Crochet Ideas

Crochet pillows are an easy way to change up the entire decor of a room. They can be in any shape and color you want, but let’s focus on the star-shaped pillows today. Star-shaped pillows are great decor that fits both vintage and modern interiors. You may think that they match mostly nurseries, but you would be wrong. If you make one neatly, with hues matching your favorite couch or sofa, a star pillow can also be a great decor for a living room. They are very elegant and eye-catching, so can be used as a finishing touch to most of the interiors. Have a look at the examples below:

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Crochet Star Pillow:

This beautiful project was posted on Instagram. I haven’t seen a free pattern for it, however there is a diagram available how to make this stunning pillow. To get to the diagram, simply scroll through the Instagram photos.

Photo source: [email protected]

More photos of this project and the crochet diagram how to make it you can find at this link:

Star Pillow


Sirius The Crochet Star Pillow Free Pattern

And here is another pillow which will be perfect for a baby or kids room. You can make this easy and quick pattern in any color you want. This pattern will be perfect for beginners, as a very clear photo tutorial is also included. A link to the full article is below the photos.

Skills: Easy           Designer : ChiWei Ranck

Sirius Star Pillow Free Crochet Pattern perfect for baby room.

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The full article about this pattern is here:

Sirius Star Pillow


Star Stuffie Pillow Free Pattern

Let this Star Stuffie pillow twinkle on your couch or bed. This is a cute and fun little project that will be a well loved and playful accessory for your kids’ rooms or even in your own space. The project is easy to make and a very rewarding undertaking for spring.

Skills: Easy           Designer : April Draven

Star Stuffie Pillow

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The full article about this pattern is here:

Star Stuffie “Twinkle Star”

More info about photo projects here and here.

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