A spring-themed crocheted afghan hanging on a chair.

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Springtime will be here soon.

So, since it’s mid-February, it’s probably a good idea to get springtime projects into gear. Of course this doesn’t mean solely Easter projects. Indeed, here are spring 2020 blanket ideas to keep you occupied now, and warm on a cool spring evening later. These wonderful projects will be a fun and interesting way to while away the last of the cold days. That said, they are valuable and worthwhile projects in and of themselves and will definitely grace any room.

Mitered Tulips Blanket

First, these 2022 blanket ideas start with these mitered blankets. This is a tried and tested classic that will work in any room and space.

mitered tulips blanket scaled

Go to the free pattern: Mittered Tulips Blanket

Beautiful Shells Blanket

However, the spring 2022 blanket ideas aren’t all straight lines and diamonds. Shells make their appearance here too. Indeed, the texture and colors they bring are a sight to behold.

beautiful shell blanket scaled

Go to the free pattern: Beautiful Shells Blanket

More info about project photographed here.

Be Mine Square Blanket

Of course, spring 2022 blanket ideas can be all straightlines and diamonds, yet still be different. Here is one that includes alternating textures that will not only look, but also feel wonderful.

be mine square blanket scaled

Go to the pattern: Be Mine Square Blanket

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  1. The shell pattern above it takes you to Ravelry it gives the shell pattern but not how to make the white edging and how to join them together i can make the shell squares but not how to make the edging around it .

    1. Teresha Perry says:

      the shell is made from 2 rounds. foundation round, shell round . just make your squares how big you want them. then finish on the foundation round. the picture then looks like it’s 2 rounds of double or treble crochet and tie off then when your ready join the squares you could flat join or use what join stitch you want….

  2. Cheryl Wilder says:

    I’d love to know how to assemble the Beautiful Shells Blanket, but I don’t see the instructions for that.

  3. All it’s beautiful

  4. Brenda Dorgan says:

    I am left handed, and find it very hard to read patterns,, I am looking for an easy pattern to make a baby,s christening dress. I am a beginner, Please help. Thank you.Brenda.

  5. I’d like to make this pattern using a join as you go method but your instructions don’t say how to join the squares. Thank you.

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