Smock Stitch Baby Blanket

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The smock stitch is an interesting combination stitch combining Tunisian crochet and a loop. It makes for a wonderful, diagonally striated surface that is great for making both flat projects like blankets, or smaller, multidimensional ones like clothing. Here are some examples of this wonderful technique.

Smock Stitch Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The Smock Stitch Baby Blanket is an example of the former, with a wonderful thickness and luxuriant pliability. The project has a regularly textured surface, with a sharply defined border and a crisp edge. This is a great project, because it isn’t difficult but still produces a very intricate-looking and pleasantly textured blanket. In addition to the aesthetics, this is a great way for baby to explore their environment in a tactile sense. It’s also very good for a present, hint hint!
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Mary Greaney
smock stitch free crochet pattern

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Smock Stitch Baby Blanket

Smock Stitch Kitty Hat Free Crochet Pattern

On a more playful, but no less useful note, here is a lovely baby hat made using the smock stitch. This also has a lovely border, but the real selling feature are the ultra-adorable bear ears. How cute is this? I don’t know about you, but awww! is the only thing that comes to mind. This is a super nice garment and will be a great present for a baby shower.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Melody Rogers

Smock Stitch Kitty Hat

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Smock Stitch Kitty Hat

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