A colorful crocheted rug with a spiral design.

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Today, I would like to introduce this amazing pattern – the shell-shaped Table Centerpiece. Below are photos from the most amazing realization. The centerpiece in the top photo was created by the Brazilian Artist Cristina Vasconcelos.

Crochet shell shaped table centerpiece free crochet pattern and tutorial


The lowermost photo in the above collage is a realization of the pattern called ‘Muschelform’ by H. Toprak. The photo was made by  @Ingreed.


Shell-shaped Table Centrepiece [Free Pattern]

These photos above are the next realizations of this pattern and are from Nicole’s little crochet school’s tutorial.


Shell-shaped Table Centrepiece – free pattern – diagrams:

scalloped triangle shawl




Diagram source: razpetelka.ru

Shell-shaped Table Centrepiece Video Tutorial:

More realisation of this pattern can be found on Ravelry.  You can find more Cristina Vasconcelos projects on her webpage. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook. Share your ideas and your work on our Facebook group!

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  1. Crystal Torres says:

    Very eye-catching. Beautiful!

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

      1. I clicked on ctrl P then scrolled down for the pages I wanted to print. It prints but I need to make it bigger so will enlarge it on my printer. That is the only way to get this pattern. No directions jut visual.
        Good Luck

  2. Extraordinary and spectacular creation by Brasilan Artist Cristina Vasconcelos.
    May I request to get in touch with Ms Cristina.
    I am a Senior Citizen who likes to learn this skill as a hobby and start a small home based business.

  3. I love ur patterns. Ur site is awesome.

  4. WOW! What can you say about some art there are so many words that it just stuns you to silence.

  5. Patricia Gudgel says:

    Could you please do a tutorial in English. I so love it and want to crochet it. Thank you.

  6. María C Cruz says:

    Quiero el tutorial paso a paso de la Mandela en colores estoy interesada en ella para yo tejerla, estoy muy impresionada y le agradecería de todo corazón. Cristina que me proporcionara ese patrón. Se lo agradecería de corazón y si tiene algún precio yo lo pagaria. Gracias por di atención. Me llamo María Cristina Cruz y soy de Puerto Rico y estoy fascinada con sus patrones.

  7. Thea Terry says:

    I love all the crochet patterns from your side.

  8. Agradeceré enviar si es posible el patron del tapete con los colores del arco iris, está el diagrama, pero soy principiante, necesito el paso a paso, no importa que sea en ingles.

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