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Bobbles and Stripes Santa Hat Free Crochet Pattern 

Never mind ugly Christmas sweaters. Why not do a beautiful Christmas hat instead? The Bobbles and Stripes hat is a beautiful Santa toque with a very playful assembly of bobbles and stripes up the side, that make it look like frosting on a cake or lines of snow on a roof. This is a wonderful project to make so as to show off your Christmas spirit, or help another person do so. A link to the free pattern is below photos.

Skills:  Easy   Designer:  Erangi Udeshika

Go to the pattern:

Bobbles and Stripes Santa Hat


Of course, a more traditional Santa hat is also wonderful and doubly so if worn by a little munchkin for whom this is their first Christmas. Have a look at the baby Santa hat and below. A link to the free pattern is below photos.


Baby Santa Hat and Cocoon Bunting Free Crochet Pattern

Skills: Easy .     Designer: Nastazia

Go to the pattern:

 Baby Santa Hat


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