Royal Touch Square or Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


This is a modern pattern for a square which can be made into a blanket, throw or afghan, but also into a pillow bag or any other article that has broad, flat surfaces. While many colours can be used, the authors suggest solid, ombre or long gradient color combinations for best effects. The pattern itself is not difficult, and can be made from memory after a bit of practice. Because of the way it works up, it can be made to any size necessary, but smaller squares can also be used to stitch together larger pieces composed of smaller sections.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Daiga Talentiene

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Royal Touch Square or Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


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  1. Гледам и се възхищавам! Гледам и не мога на гледката да се нарадвам , на тези красоти която човешката ръка сътвори! Нека Бог да ви Благослови и със здраве да ви дари!

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