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Ribbed Cross Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

Ribbed Cross Granny Square

Everyone loves granny squares, even those of us who categorically say they don’t, secretly do. However, we all have had moments of doubt when we’ve thought that they’re, well, a bit square, slightly ho-hum and passe. To be honest, there are many square patterns that are humdrum and not exciting. However, here are a few that are definitely fun, different and worthy of consideration.

Ribbed Cross Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

The ribbed granny square is a beautiful example of how to combine an interesting but delicate texture and some wonderful color choices. This square is one that will definitely make an eye-popping and tactile-rich blanket. In particular, when you combine these squares, the joined crosses will make for a wonderful ridged surface that will lead the eye to the central rosettes in the squares. Wonderful!
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Eline Alcocer
Ribbed Cross Granny Square

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Ribbed Cross Granny Square

Star Portal Square Free Crochet Pattern \

This one’s for you sci-fi fans. The star portal patten is very futuristic and evocative of so many futuristic films. The pattern would look great as a repeating motif in an afghan, or a focal point in a plain one (i.e. off to the side, to make it look like an activator of some kind). Done in blue, the portal signals it’s ready, done in red, no go. The possibilities are endless. Star Portal Square used an overlay or surface crochet technique. A link to a free pattern is at the end of the post. 

SkillsEasy           Designer: Crochet Instinct

Star Portal Square Free Crochet Pattern

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Star Portal Square

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