Baby Dress

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Red and white, a match made in color heaven!

Red is an absolute classic. No matter the season, a girl in a red dress looks stunning. A red crochet baby dress with a slight white accent will be perfect both as a spring outfit or for a Christmas family dinner. However, if you are not a huge fan of red, choose white and add a slight red accent. Satisfaction guaranteed! Either way, this color combination is always in style and always chic and no matter what, no passing clothing fad can ever put them out of fashion.

Infant Dress in Red

So, to be going with here is a dress in red. It’s got a beautiful bottom with lovely, loose and textured stitching, as well as a denser top, composed of concentric rounds. Finally, it’s perfectly accessorized with the white belt and flower beanie. In a word: stunning!

 Designer:  Kristen Stoltzfus

Infant Dress

The full article about this pattern is here:

Little Sweetie Baby Dress

More info about photo project you will find here.


Short Sleeve Crocheted Baby Dress

This short sleeve dress is indeed a classic as well. It makes your little girl look like the absolute angel that she is (Right? :D) as a consequence of the wing-like shape of the sleeves. The addition of the red bow simply highlights the cleanliness of the lines as well as the wonderful texture. Undeniably, this crochet baby dress will be a hit, with little effort to boot!

Designer:  Majovel Crochet

Short Sleeve Dress

The full article about this pattern is here:

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  1. I’m sorry but none of your patterns will download on my Kindle for me. Am I doing something wrong? I click where it says to but nothing happens..

    1. A link to a pattern will open a pattern page in a separate window.

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