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I’m a craft designer and author of hundreds of articles and reviews about crocheting and other crafts. I search out and present novel approaches to classic patterns and techniques to encourage you to try something new. I’m delighted that so many of you read my posts and that I can contribute to promoting our crochet community. I’m interested in crafts, interior design and love traveling and sitting next to a campfire. I live with my husband and three kids in the Rockies.

Crocheting is a great technique for making animals, because you can use it to make them as realistic or as cartoonish as you wish. Here are some patterns for making realistic bird amigurumi.

English Robin Free Crochet Pattern

The first pattern is an English Robin. This lovely fella with his red belly will definitely match any leafy decor or branch you place him on. The pattern is easy to make and is very rewarding for the beginner, as the finished bird is quite beautiful and a joy to behold. Patterns like this one, easy but with a spectacular endpoint, are a great way to build confidence and a love for the craft amongst beginners. A link to free pattern is included under the photos.

SkillsEasy             Designer:Brenna Eaves

English Robin

Go to the pattern:

English Robin

Amigurumi Puffin Free Crochet Pattern

Puffins are also a wonderful subject for crocheting. With their black and white “suit” and orange feet and beaks, they are every bit as elegant as penguins. In amigurumi form, their shape lends itself to easy crocheting and a fun time, especially with the kids. For the youngest ones, please consider crocheted eyes for safety.

Skills: Easy   Designer : So Laine

Amigurumi Puffin Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern:

 Puffin Amigurumi

Cockatoo Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

For a more tropical bird, why not give this Cockatoo a try? It’s maybe a little less realistic, but it makes up for it with its cuteness and adorable crest. This is a wonderful bird pattern that you will greatly enjoy making, and which will be a favorite toy or decoration. A link to free pattern is included under the photos.

SkillsEasy             Designer:Brenna Eaves

Cockatoo Bird Free Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Cockatoo Amigurumi

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  1. Carolyn Simpson says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your Puffin and Red Robin patterns. They are absolutely fabulous. My niece and nephew will love them when I make them. Adding to my list of makes.

    You have provided an opportunity for my learning to use a couple of colours intertwined in a pattern. It has been a skill avoided. Thank you.

    Peace and kindness

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