Ragdoll Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

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Ragdoll toys are where it’s at

So, most of us likely had favorite ragdoll toys we played with as children. Indeed, they are treasured memories of a simpler past and more robust times. Therefore, why not bring some of that serene calm and certainty from our own childhood to the lives of our own children and grandkids. Of course, we can make them as modern and up to date as we care to. Nevertheless, they will still have that timeless certainty that will be instantly recognizable. Moreover, if you think that these may be beyond your skill level, think again. Overall these are some of the simplest and most fun patterns for toys.

Melly Teddy Ragdoll

First, this wonderful member of our collection of  ragdoll toys is a masterpiece of color coding. Indeed, the zebra stripes are an absolute hoot and the cute, spiky mane is just a gorgeous crowning touch. These pattern will be free to the end of 2022.

Skills: beginner   Designer: Melanie Grobler

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Go to the pattern:

Melly Teddy Ragdoll

Ragdoll Fox

Of course ragdoll toys can also do cute and cuddly, as this fox totally proves.

Skills: beginner   Designer:  Spin a Yarn Crochet

Ragdoll FoxGo to the pattern:

Ragdoll Fox

Ragdoll Snowman Ornament

Finally, ragdoll toys can also be seasonal and apropos of the holidays. Check out these snowmen!

Skills: beginner   Designer: Raffaella Tassoni

Ragdoll SnowmanGo to the pattern:

Ragdoll Snowman

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  1. Peggy Lopez says:

    I so not like free patterns that I cannot cut and paste so I can work on the project in a more comfortable sitting place than in front of my computer.

    1. Shari L Smith says:

      Ms.Peggy Lopez. I don’t know if you have seen or heard of the Snipping Tool on your computer. I’m not sure where it is my son got mine for me. I use it all the time. I guess you could go to the find program file in your computer search and type “Snipping Tool” I hope this helps.

    2. I agree! The Melly Telly Ragdoll has a couple you can grab right now FREE and also download “print friendly” to your computer and save it in pdf and then open it up when YOU want and WHERE you want!

      I personally think when we are not allowed to copy-paste then we need to move on and find a different person because there is always many more of the same things just a tiny bit different and that person will allow is to get the pattern so we can make it while comfortable.

      Blessings <3

  2. Shari L Smith says:

    Agyness ~Love these Ragdoll Toys. I just had a great-granddaughter come into this world and these would be a great gift for her. Thank you. Happy Holidays.

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