Puppy Dog Granny Hexagon Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

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UPDATE: A free pattern is not longer available.

Granny hexagons are a great alternative to squares, because they give much more flexibility as to the final shape of the item you’re making than a simple square, useful though they are in their own right. These loveys are stitched together from hexagonal sections and have interchangeable heads and limbs, enabling you to create a whole menagerie of animals of different species and colors. The pattern is fun, easy and could serve as a great introduction to crochet for younger hands. The completed animals are about 8″ high.

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Skills:  Easy        Designer:  Crochet at Teri’s

Puppy Dog Granny Hexagon Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

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Puppy Dog Granny Hexagon Lovey Free Crochet Pattern


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  1. Denise Rogers says:

    Very cute and I like that is stuffing free…..

  2. Puppy dog Granny hexagon lovey is no longer a free pattern ?

  3. Deborah Borne says:

    I don’t usually pay for patterns but yours is very cute and I saw how versatile it is. That said, although I am an advanced crocheter I cannot seem to follow the pattern. I’m lost from the 1st connecting of the hexagon spaces.

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