Praire Star Throw Free Crochet Pattern
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A classy pattern with a lot of possibilities for your own creations. Although Prairie Star pattern is 18 years old, it’s still discovered and interpreted by new crocheters. If you have never tried it before – it’s one of this patterns which are a must. You wan’t be disappointed.  A link the free pattern is at the end of the post.

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Skills: Easy to Intermediate     Designer Marilyn Coleman and Mary Jane Protus

Prairie Star Throw Free Crochet Pattern

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Prairie Star Throw
 LydiaDiane’s project and Musicandstitches’s project


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  1. Dianne Benedict says:

    Absolutely beautiful for someone that doesn’t want to sew a quilt!

    Saved to My Pintrest

  2. Thus osttern dies nit sork when u crichet infividyal diaminds hve 40 yrs exp snd thevdix pointvstar foes not lsy flat and the rest ofvyhr design is all lumpy sgsin foes not lsy glst. Nit a worksble psttern

  3. Linda burleson says:

    can’t seem to get the pattern for the prairie star please advise me how to do that?

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