Victorian Lattice Square Free Crochet Pattern

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There are those who think color photography is the greatest thing since sliced bread; and there are those who think that black-and-white is the only true art form. It’s a bit similar in crocheting, the same pattern done in polychrome and monochrome can give radically different results. Take a look, peruse and please let us know – which do you think is “the one” for you? A Poly or Mono square, you decide, or don’t decide at all and make both!!

It’s noteworthy that there are no wrong choices here. Whatever path you take, it will be an expression of your taste, thoughts and personality. It’s also significant that in between full mono and full poly there are subtle gradations. and increments of color, where a colorful accent, such as a small central rosette, will highlight the beauty of the monochrome background rather than overpower it. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you can use the infinite versatility and endless variability of the crochet art to reach your decorative goals.

Poly or Mono Blanket?

Emma’s Throw Free Crochet Pattern in Mono

Emma’s throw in monochrome is a particularly beautiful project with large squares and a classic look, perfect for complementing a subtle Scandinavian decor without excessively overpowering it. It’s a piece that will be truly appreciated by both Grandma and by the Millenial grandchild.

Emma's Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Emma’s Throw Free Crochet Pattern in Poly

Or would you prefer polychrome, with a panopoly of matching or contrasting colors, either abutting directly, or separated by a border. Bring a little colorful wildness into your home with this undoubtedly wonderful multihued rendition of Emma’s Throw.

Emma's Throw Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Emma’s Throw

more info about MartinUpNorth’s version here

Poly or Mono Square?


Victorian Lattice Square Free Crochet Pattern in Mono

While the poly or mono squarer color choice works for all squares, it’s particularly relevant for classic patterns such as this Victorian lattice square. Indeed, the flavor of this beautiful, delicate square will be greatly altered through the use of colors.

Victorian Lattice Square

The full article about this pattern is here:

Victorian Lattice Square

more info about  Knot4gottenstudio’s version here.

Victorian Lattice Square Free Crochet Pattern in Poly

Additionally, keeping with the theme of classics, here are some victorian squares to incorporate into your projects in the mono or poly square theme. Altogether, these are also beautiful, classic squares that greatly change with the color interpretation.

The full article about this pattern is here:

Victorian Lattice Square

more info about  Frannydomakes’ version here.

Did you think it is the end of your options? Not at all! See the next pattern:

Runway Square Free Crochet Pattern

A poly or mono square need not be the only choice. How? Undoubtedly the runway square is proof that a color gradient or starburst is also a valid way to go. Consequently you have a galaxy of choices.


Runway Square

The full article about this pattern is here:

Runway Square

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  1. catherine says:

    gorgeous i love them both

  2. I love it both ways! In multi-colors, it is very fun and playful and in monochrome, very elegant. It depends where you want to put it and which mood you are going for. And of course it could be done in a multitude of other color combinations.

  3. Jessica Forman says:

    I prefer the mono, but may make mulit-colors to use up scraps.

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