Four plaid blankets on a lawn chair.

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Some patterns are so very soothing.

While some people may consider plaid a bit ho-hum, we know they’re not. In fact, plaid blankets in the colors of autumn are simply perfect for a project to ring in the fall and long evenings. Indeed, this season was made for us, crocheters, and there are few better ways to get into it. Thus, a plaid blanket is absolutely perfect when we need something cozy and warm for when the evenings will be colder and darker. Of course, they don’t have to be boring or passe, and here we show you some that are absolutely astounding.

Burberry Baby Blanket

So, you want a baby plaid blanket in elegant, fashionable colors. To this point, we have this always elegant combo, in colors thave come back into style.

feedf49e burberry blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Burberry Baby Blanket

More info about NurseAuds’s project on Ravelry.

Heritage Plaid Blanket

However, if the blanket you seek is simpler, here is one that’s absolutely perfect. Undoubtedly, it’s warm drape and high density will make it perfect for a fall bonfire.

Heritage Plaid Blanket

The full article about this pattern is on blog:

Heritage Plaid Blanket

Paragon Plaid Blanket

Of course, they can also be a bit more gingham and still be plaid. If you don’t believe me, definitely have a look at this one.

paragon plaid blanket

The full tutorial about this pattern is on blog :

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