Paw Print Crochet Ideas

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Hello there, dog lovers! We have prepared a special treat for you today. If you want to celebrate the love you have for your four-legged friend, check out this selection of Paw Print Crochet Ideas.

Hearts and Paws Free Crochet Tutorial

Oh, can you imagine how lovely this blanket would look? Mixing little hearts and paws in different colors must give delightful results, no doubt about it! Will you stick with this classy burgundy shade or change the palette completely?

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Tiffany Shieh

Hearts and Paws Crochet Squares

Go to the full article about the pattern and to the photos:

Hearts and Paws

Paw Print Free Crochet Tutorial

This adorable paw print will be the perfect addition to any kid’s outfit! It will also look intriguing when sewn onto a plain blanket for dog fans… or for a doggy’s own blanket as well. Follow this easy tutorial below and check out the free pattern, which will be shown on the screen if you turn on the subtitles.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Mary J Handmade

Paw Print Crochet Applique

Go to the tutorial:

How to Crochet a Super Cute Paw Print

More info here.

Blanket with 3D Cat Prints Video Tutorial

This amusing blanket is a great thing for every cat lover. It’s a great idea for a big bedspread, a kids’ throw, or just for a cat’s blankie. See the detailed video tutorial in with step-by-step every detail of pattern will be shown. Although the video is not in English, it is so detailed that it will allow you to follow the pattern. The link to the video tutorial is below.

Skill: upper beginner Designer: Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas

Blanket with 3d cat paw prints

Go to the tutorial:

Blanket with 3D Cat Prints

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  1. Do you have a written pattern for the paw print?

    1. No, there is a tutorial only.

  2. Diann Drossart says:

    How do I get the rest of the paw I have the paw itself but not the pattern for the four fingers and the pad of the paw.

    1. The Large Pad & 4 smaller pads are at the end of her video. Instructions are written across the top of he video as well.

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