Free patterns by Barbara Peček

Barbara Peček is the creative soul and crochet designer behind The Magic Loop. In her world, aesthetics can be found in chaos, and real-life is where magic dwells.

The Magic Loop is Barbara’s enchanting realm, where woolly creatures and lovely dolls come to life through the wondrous art of crochet. With a crochet hook that may very well be a magic wand, she beckons all to explore her little magical world on her blog. There, you’ll discover a treasure trove of beautiful free crochet patterns.

Barbara’s journey into the realm of crochet began in October 2014 when she stumbled upon her first puff-stitch crochet flower. That moment of triumph sparked a deep passion that continues to blossom. Self-taught but inspired by her grandmother’s crochet legacy, Barbara’s work pays homage to the traditional craft while infusing her unique style.

From charming amigurumi to stylish wearables and playful home decor, Barbara’s designs are a fusion of beauty and practicality, reflecting her playful and colorful spirit. Join her in weaving a bit of magic into the every day through the art of crochet!

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