Wichita Shawl - free pattern

Woman in a wide-brimmed hat looking to the side with an orange shawl, beside a close-up of the shawl's intricate pattern.
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The Wichita Shawl crochet pattern by Emily Marie Davies is the perfect combination of elegance and versatility. This lightweight accessory can be elegantly wrapped on the shoulders or worn as a cozy scarf. Using light fingering yarn you will create a stylish piece to pair with your spring or summer outfits.

The wave-like pattern offers a full view of all the stitches and is worked with a 3.75mm hook. The shawl measures 80 inches by 22 inches when following the pattern’s instructions. It creates a breathable fabric with which you can provide that extra layer of warmth and texture for your look. And you have to believe us – this crochet shawl is designed to draw attention wherever it is worn!

Wichita is a one-piece project suitable for those with crochet experience. Make it for yourself to add a handmade flair to your ensemble or treat it to someone you love.